How to Unlock Interstellar in MW3

how to unlock interstellar in mw3

If you’re a Call of Duty completionist, you’ve likely already set your mind on applying the Interstellar camo to as many weapons as possible. It’s this year’s ‘ultimate camo’ – the thing that all aspirational Call of Duty players aim for. In this guide, we’re going to break down how to unlock Interstellar in MW3. It’s quite the journey — are you ready?

Unlock Interstellar Camo – How To

Like in previous Modern Warfare games, the top-level, ultimate camo is seriously difficult to unlock. There are hundreds of challenges that will need to be completed before you can start applying Interstellar to your weapons in Modern Warfare 3, but it’s a beautiful camo, so it’s well worth that grind.

So, how do you unlock Interstellar in MW3?

Let’s work backwards.

To unlock Interstellar in MW3, you’ll need to complete 36 Priceless camo challenges for MW3 weapons. To unlock Priceless, you need to complete 36 Forged camo challenges for MW3 weapons, including a unique Forged challenge for each weapon. To get Forged, you’ll need to complete the Gilded camo challenge for each weapon and tick off the Gilded camo challenges for all weapons in the same category.

And then where it all begins – Gilded. To unlock Gilded, you’ll need to complete all the base challenges for a weapon and then a unique, weapon-specific challenge.

Is that lengthy enough for you? There are more than 800 weapon camos to unlock in Modern Warfare 3 – you’d best get started.

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