How to Unlock Guns in Palworld

how to unlock guns palworld

As we’re sure you’re aware, Palworld has risen to fame with its strong comparisons to Pokemon but with more brutal elements. One of these is the introduction of guns into the fray, adding a whole new dimension to battling against the inhabiting monsters.

In most of the videos and images of Palworld you’ve probably seen with the player or even a Pal wielding a firearm. Now, while you might expect this to be handed to you as you enter the adventure, it does require a bit of work.

Here, we’ll detail what you need to know to acquire your first gun so you can get the necessary firepower to survive.

How to Unlock Guns in Palworld

To unlock guns in Palworld, the first bit of heavy lifting you’ll have to do is to level your character up to 20. This is integral as you will unlock the Weapon Workbench within the Technology tab, required for crafting both guns and ammo. It’ll set you back 15 Ingots, 50 Wood, and 10 Nails, an easy trio to acquire.

weapon workbench palworld

Now, in order to craft a gun you will need certain recipes. The first one that becomes available is the Musket at level 21 so just gain an extra bit of experience and you’ll be there. Again, similar to the Weapon Workbench, this is located within the Technology tab.

musket palworld

Once you get your hands on the Musket recipe you’ll also need the materials in order to craft it – 5 High Quality Pal Oil, 30 Wood, and 25 Ingot. At this point, you should have all of these but if not, it’s simple enough to find all of them. Now you can just get the Musket crafted and take aim at any enemies in your path.

Being the first gun, the Musket isn’t exactly the best weapon in the game, so just do some more leveling and you’ll unlock further guns. For example, you’ll secure the Makeshift Handgun at level 25, Single-shot Rifle at 36, and even a Rocket Launcher at 49. So, just keep grinding and you’ll have a bunch of weapons to add to your arsenal in no time.

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After you do get your hands on multiple firearms, find out the best one for you and equip your Pals with the rest, removing any worries that you don’t have the necessary equipment to survive.

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