How to Reverse Boost in Modern Warfare 2

Here’s how to reverse boost in Modern Warfare 2.

What is Reverse Boosting?

Reverse boosting is the act of purposefully trying to match against lower-skilled players. In Modern Warfare 2, a matchmaking system called Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) tries to match you against other players of similar skill.

Essentially, if you’re good at the game, you’ll be matched against good players. If you’re bad at the game, you’ll be matched against bad players.

Skill Based Matchmaking is a complex system and no one really knows what parameters the system goes off to determine if you’re a good or bad player. However, it’s widely accepted that the SBMM system uses stats including your kill-death ratio and score per minute. Other claims have suggested that the system is far more complex and will use your play style as a way to determine how good of a player you are.

How to Reverse Boost and Get Easier Lobbies

You will need a second copy of Modern Warfare 2

One of the easier ways to get into earlier lobbies is to destroy your own stats by repeatedly killing yourself and playing poorly. Although this method is believed to work after repeatedly destroying your stats for 3-5 games, it’s only a temporary decision. After 1-2 games of playing normally again against the worst players, you’ll be placed back into the same skill bracket.

The easiest way to reverse boost (and the way most content creators use) is to use 2 different Call of Duty accounts. This way is expensive and requires you to purchase another copy of the game, but if you have your main console and another system on hand, it will be relatively straight forward after that.

To reverse boost in Modern Warfare 2, simply destroy your stats on your second account from day 1. It’s been theorized in the Call of Duty creator community that to get even easier lobbies you should “play like a bad player”. This means that you should not continuously kill yourself (as the system could detect fraudulent behavior), but just play like a bad player. Some creators even go as far as sticking their sensitivity on a 1, shooting only from the hip, and getting only 1 kill per game to not look too suspicious. It’s unknown if all of these methods work, but this is the best way to destroy your stats. You should do this on your second account for at least 5 games.

The Best Way to Reverse Boost

After your second account stats has been destroyed, all you need to do then is find a game and have your main account join its session. You must join your second accounts session once the account joins the lobby and has already matched against players. Do it too soon and the SBMM system will research for a lobby with better players.

This method of reverse boosting in Modern Warfare 2 can be frustrating, but it is doable. If the lobby is already full of players, then all you need to do is leave and research your second account. Because this method can be tedious, some content creators have taken things one step further and have two reverse-boosted accounts. That way, both accounts can search a lobby and one can leave with their main account quickly joining to fill the player missing in the lobby.

Once you’re finally into a game, you can then leave on your second account and enjoy playing against bad players. And that’s how to reverse boost in Modern Warfare 2.

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