How to Get Coal in Palworld – Palworld Coal Guide

Palworld coal location Insider Gaming
Palworld coal location Insider Gaming

To succeed in Palworld, players will need to learn to craft. Like most RPG’s, crafting requires all sorts of items for different recipes. Levelling awards players more recipes for more gear. The more recipes available, the further out players will have to go in order to acquire materials. Coal is one of the mid-game materials that will be essential for getting better gear, though it can certainly be a bit tricky to find.

Where Is Coal In Palworld?

Coal is located within the desert biome in Palworld to the northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings. To get there, players will want to proceed past the beginning portion of tutorials. Otherwise, players find themselves running from pals (and humans) that are a much higher level than they are. While crafty players can begin adventuring out into the desert region at almost any level, it can prove difficult to dodge aggressive pals no matter how agile one can be. 

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Waiting until level 20 would be the safest way to explore. After all, coal farming can prove dangerous based on spawn points and aggressive nearby pals. The desert will have multiple coal spawns available, making it easy for a well-equipped player to get in, get supplies, and leave. I found four deposits near the Anubis statue area, making the grind quick and relatively safe as well.

The idea fit for desert excursions is the heat resistant metal armor. Equip it, you won’t be impacted by the heat and your defense will be higher. Players can also make due with regular metal armor or the tropical outfit, though they’ll potentially suffer more damage if they accidentally aggravate nearby pals. A shield and a metal helm will also help cushion wayward blows, allowing true focus on material acquisition. Consider also bringing a pal capable of flight to make traversal even easier.

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