How to Get a Nuke in Warzone 2

It is no secret that the most overpowered streak in Call of Duty is the nuke, which is why obtaining one is so tricky. With Warzone 2, it’s no different, and players now have the opportunity to wipe out an entire lobby.

Be warned, it is not easy though. Here are the steps one has to take to complete the nuke streak in Warzone 2.0.

Obtaining a nuke in Warzone 2: 3 steps before your complete the streak

To obtain a nuke in Warzone 2.0, you must complete these three steps in this order:

There are three steps competitors have to complete before they get their hands on a nuke. Three steps may not sound like a lot, but trust me, these are not easy feats.

Step 1: Win 5 matches in a row

You thought the first step would be easy, didn’t you?

Obtaining a nuke starts with competitors winning five matches in a row. There is no exception. You cannot win three matches, lose one and then win two more. Five consecutive matches must be won in a row for step one to be completed.

This first step is quite the challenge. Winning an entire lobby five times in a row against 99 other players does not come effortless.

Get prepared, and be ready to fight!

Step 2: Complete the Champion’s Quest

Once you have won five matches in a row, the game will notify you that you have unlocked a new quest. This will be called the “Champion’s Quest”.

The Champion’s Quest is quite the challenge. Once you drop into your game, three icons will appear across your map. Choose one of these icons to travel to, and that is where you will begin your tasks.

The tasks consist of locating three crucial pieces to building your nuke. The items spawn randomly, making it more difficult for players to locate them.

After picking up your first piece, you will be marked on the map as “most wanted” for the entirety of your challenge. Be ready, as everyone will be looking to hunt you, as a large price has been put on your head.

After all three pieces are acquired, a bomb site will be revealed on your map. You will need to travel here quickly, as the game will see a jailbreak. All players that were killed earlier on will have the chance to come back, making it even harder for you to stay alive.

You will then have only five minutes to reach the nuke site and set your bomb, so you better hurry.

Step 3: The final task to your Warzone 2 Nuke

This could potentially be the most difficult task of them all, depending on how desperate your lobby is to stop you.

Once your bomb is set, you will have to wait out the remaining minutes of your five-minute countdown. During that time, every player in the lobby will be trying to stop you. Defending your site will be your main focus.

Good luck with obtaining your nuke. Make sure to attach your nuke sticker and weapon charm afterward so you can show off in other lobbies how you completed such a heft task.

Do you think you can in a nuke in Warzone 2?

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