How to Get a Gun in Dead Island 2

By now you’ve probably been playing Dead Island 2 for a couple of hours and have been wondering how to get yourself a gun. Well, in this Dead Island 2 guide, we’ll be answering just that… How to find a gun in Dead Island 2.

First of all, at the start of the game, you cannot simply find a gun. You have to play through the game’s story for a couple of hours first. So keep on meleeing.

How to Get a Gun in Dead Island 2

You’ll soon know when you’ll get your first gun when you get a call from Sam B. He’ll ask you to meet him with Ronnie at 12 Arkill Ridge – Where essentially you’ll find your first gun.

Be warned though, this is where you’ll encounter a boss fight with Nikki Gutte, who’s a screamer boss. So make sure you’ve repaired and upgraded your weapons before meeting up with them.

You can watch the Nikki Gutte Boss Fight here:

After defeating Nikki and clearing up the rest of the undead, you’ll need to meet Sam B in the house. Once you meet with Sam B, you’ll see your first new weapon on the wall named the Sporting Rifle, which you can pick up. That’s how you find a gun in Dead Island 2!

Be Careful With Ammo

After completing your first objective with the Sporting Rifle, it’s crucial to know that ammo is very scarce in Dead Island 2, especially at this point in the game. Having unlimited ammo in your first mission with the gun can set false expectations. Conserve your ammo and only use it when absolutely necessary.

Further, into the game, you’ll be able to find ammo more easily.

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