How to Defeat Materia Guardian in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Materia Guardian
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As you work your way up Mt. Nobel to the Majo Reactor above Nibelheim, you’ll inevitably fight numerous monsters. They’re primarily weak and don’t offer much of a challenge. At least, not until you make it inside, where you’ll find the game’s first boss. Here is how to defeat Materia Guardian in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth!

How to Beat Materia Guardian in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Like any good boss enemy in an RPG, Materia Guardian in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth features a handful of phases you’ll move through as you whittle down his health. The easiest way to defeat Materia Guardian is to keep the pressure on. You want to fight offensively and aggressively, so I recommend using Sephiroth primarily. You’ll still want to switch to Cloud occasionally when Sephiroth is mid-animation but focus on the katana-wielding hero most.

You’ll want to utilize two essential skills to increase Pressure on Materia Guardian: Cloud’s Focused Thrust and Sephiroth’s Voidshatter. They both deal adequate damage and help you gain the upper hand. The moment it becomes available, use your Synergy Skill, too.

Over time, Materia Guardian will use its Seizing Claws ability, which snatches up one of the heroes and deals considerable damage while removing them from the fight. Using your other party member, attack the claw and free its captor quickly.

Eventually, Materia Guardian will leap to the ledge, where it will siphon Materia, and you’ll want to hurl Fire spells its way. The boss is weak to fire, so this will interrupt his siphoning process and deal considerable damage.

But that’s not the only leap the boss will perform. Eventually, he’ll jump to the ceiling overhead. You’ll want to jump upward, attacking its legs to break its grip. Sephiroth is fantastic about closing the distance and quickly dealing a lot of damage. But if you’re playing as Cloud, send a few Fire spells upwards. Once you knock down the Materia Guardian, it will remain on the ground, stunned for a short time. It’s long enough to deal considerable damage.

Finishing Off the Materia Guardian in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

As you reduce its health and enter Phase 3, the Materia Guardian will hop back up to the pipes above the arena. You cannot melee from this distance, however. Instead, use Double Helix, the duo’s Synergy Ability, to knock the Materia Guardian back down and finish the job.

At this point, it should only take a handful of strikes to finish the job!

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