How to Beat the One-Eyed Interloper in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 throws plenty of formidable enemies in your face relatively early in the game. You’ll face off against mythic monsters that tower over the player character, and your job is to topple them using game mechanics you’re still grasping. One of the earliest “boss” fights is the Cyclops on the way to Vernworth. Here’s how to beat the One-Eyed Interloper in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

How to Defeat One-Eyed Interloper in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To beat the One-Eyed Interloper in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the best way I found was to let your accompanying party take most of the aggro while you climb up its legs and back to gain a foothold over the head. From there, thrust your sword into any fleshy bits to deal significant damage.

However, before that point in the fight, I recommend starting with an explosive tactic of your own. Like the cyclops smashing through the rocks in the middle of the river, you can smash the nature-made dam blocking the water flow further up.

This blockage is located directly to your left as you enter the arena. You’ll note the spurts of water pulsing through the rock wall. With your weapon—yes, even a short sword works—walk up and start slashing at the rocks. It takes a few hits, but the rock wall finally gives way, and the excess water smashes through.

The flow will knock down everything in its path, including you, your party, and the One-Eyed Interloper. It won’t outright kill the beast, but it does knock him to the ground. You can then collect yourself and jump back into the fight while he’s down. This is your chance to jump on its back and deal a ton of damage.

Do You Get Any Rewards for Slaying the One-Eye Interloper?

Unfortunately, you won’t receive any tangible rewards for beating the One-Eyed Interloper in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It’s too early in the game for them to hand out armor and swords. However, you will receive greater freedom.

Up to this point, you were tasked with following the soldiers to Vernworth. They were slow, as NPCs typically are in such games, and wound up in combat encounters constantly. But now, they recognize your power and status as Arisen. As such, they allow you to travel to the city solo, if you wish, or use the oxcart with them.

This is your chance to explore some of the game world on the way to the city. You can tackle monsters, throw them off cliffs, and scoop up every crafting item you can find!

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