Horizon Zero Dawn’s New Board Game Details Announced

Horizon Forbidden West Board Game Miniature

An official PlayStation blog has just announced key story and gameplay details for the new Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion board game:

The Kickstarter for this project will officially launch on November 21st. That campaign released a brief trailer last week. However, that mostly concentrated on showcasing the miniatures and basic gameplay loop.

Steamforged Games has worked directly with Guerilla to handle Seeds of Rebellion. They are best known for a myriad of other video game adaptations for tabletop. Their board games based on Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Gears Of War have earned decent ratings on BGG.

Today’s blog reveals that Seeds of Rebellion is “set about six months before Regalla’s attack on the Embassy”. Players will work as Marshals to investigate some troubled Tenakth.

Steamforged Games’ previous foray into Horizon captured the likeness of the enemies well, and the general ebb and flow of the hunt. However, the hobby scene didn’t receive this game especially well.

It’s now clear that Seeds of Rebellion is a far more ambitious adaptation. It will concentrate on storytelling, and closely tie into established Horizon lore and characters. This was missing from the blunt action of the previous board game.

Seeds of Rebellion’s campaign will feature 13 full chapters that players can complete together. They’ll involve player decisions that directly affect the combat, akin to something like Kinfire.

This lines up with the epic scope Horizon has established. The complete edition will require 2 discs and over 100 GB when it launches in early 2024.

Also, that predecessor was semi-cooperative, which can feel messy. By comparison, Seeds of Rebellion is fully cooperative.

Fortunately, players who did enjoy the previous Horizon board game from Steamforged now have hope for backwards compatibility. Today’s blog confirms that “there’ll be a backward compatibility pack, available at no extra cost for returning backers”.

That’s a tricky accomplishment for tabletop games, and a welcome reward for those who invested in Steamforged early on.

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