Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Drops Campaign Revealed

hogwarts legacy twitch drops

From tomorrow, February 7th, budding fans of the soon-to-be Game of the Year, Hogwarts Legacy, can participate in a lengthy Twitch Drops campaign. There’s a stack of cosmetics up for grabs, and unlocking them is as simple as tuning in to a Hogwarts Legacy stream on Twitch between the 7th and the 24th of February.

There’s also an exclusive reward that can be unlocked specifically for watching the developer stream which will be broadcasted from Avalanche’s own Twitch channel.

As the overwhelmingly positive reviews pour in for Hogwarts Legacy, it really is shaping up to be a memorable, incredible adventure.

Here Are the Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Drops

It’s time to get busy engaging with your favourite streamers, especially those that have drops enabled. Over the course of a three-week period, you’ll need to watch two hours of Hogwarts Legacy streams, plus a further twenty minutes of the developer’s stream to unlock every bonus on offer.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • Silver Dragon-Eyed Spectacles
  • Urchin Hat
  • Carmine Lightning Bolt Scarf
  • Lilac Ensemble (full outfit)

And for the developer stream item:

  • Merlin’s Cloak

There are very few steps required to be able to collect the Hogwarts Legacy Twitch drops, too:

  1. Create a Warner Bros. account (or sign in to an existing one)
  2. Link your Twitch account with the above account
  3. Watch Hogwarts Legacy streams on Twitch
  4. Claim your drops
  5. Collect your rewards in-game

At the moment, Hogwarts Legacy is being reviewed on a global scale, and the numbers coming out of the crowd are extremely promising. It’s scoring highly and positively across the board, even under the weight of what can be considered in some ways a ‘social media-driven boycott’.

Oh, and it’s also worth bearing in mind that if you intend to pick up Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch, all of which are launching at a later date, you can still participate in the drops campaign and collect the rewards when your version of the game launches later this year.

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