Hogwarts Legacy Is Officially More Popular Than Fallout

That may seem like a strange title, but let me cook for a second.

Hogwarts Legacy has officially surpassed Fallout 4 and boasts the second-highest peak concurrent player count in history for a paid, single-player game on Steam. It secured an all-time peak concurrency of 489,139 players, while Fallout 4 has a peak concurrency of 472,962 players on the platform.

All that stands in Hogwarts’ way of securing the top spot in the category is Cyberpunk, which experienced an almighty peak at launch in 2020 and holds the record at 1,054,388 players.

But It’s Not The Same!

It may be apples and oranges to compare Fallout and Hogwarts Legacy, but from a strictly numerical perspective, the latter is officially more popular by peak concurrency than the former on the Steam platform.

And it hasn’t even been released in full yet.

There are some expectations floating around that suggest Hogwarts Legacy could snatch the crown away from Cyberpunk – but it’s quite a reach. At present, the game’s launch is labouring under the weight of a social media boycott, with many users online flexing their hatred for JK Rowling and attempting to launch a campaign against those actively playing the game.

In recent hours, Twitch streamers attempting to broadcast the game have received death threats, and hate messages, and have faced down the general anger of a community so against the delivery of Hogwarts Legacy.

That hasn’t stopped the game from smashing Twitch records, too. On the popular streaming platform, Hogwarts secured a peak viewership of more than 1.3 million users.

On February 10th, Hogwarts Legacy will release in full across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms, and later in the year, it’ll drop on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Hogwarts’ stellar Steam performance was originally pointed out by Benji-Sales on Twitter. Following his original post, the peak player count on the game climbed by more than 15,000 users, and now, officially, it has well and truly eclipsed Fallout 4’s record.

So, there we go – Hogwarts Legacy is officially more popular than Fallout.

In a specific category on one platform.

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