Hogwarts Legacy Leaked Art Book Images Reveal Developer Insight on Locations and Professors

Images from the official Hogwarts Legacy art book appear to have leaked online, revealing new information on the locations of the game and key characters players will be able to interact with.

The photos, shared by Twitter user ManwithSecrets_, appear to show pages from the game’s art book, featuring developer artwork of environments within and around Hogwarts at different times of the year. 

Art pieces depicting the magical school’s famous dining hall and what appears to be Hogsmeade show the areas thoroughly decorated with Christmas cheer, including trees, magical floating wreaths and holly. This could indicate that the game will feature seasons or seasonal updates bringing new looks and potentially even events to the school.

There’s a look at an early design of the game’s world map, including sprawling forests, lakes, and mountains aplenty. The grand scale of the game means players are free to explore the halls and classrooms of Hogwarts, even entering areas the books don’t detail extensively. The text accompanying the art of environments like the greenhouses explains how the developers approached the look and layout of these spaces.

Finally, the Hogwarts Legacy leaked images also show off the looks of two professors players will meet at the school: Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Dinah Hecat, and Herbology teacher Mirabel Garlick. The former is a Ravenclaw and described as “strict but likeable” with a “hands-on teaching method”. The latter from Hufflepuff is muggle-born and has a “cheerful disposition that immediately sets her apart from most other professors.”

Hogwarts Legacy is due to release on February 10th on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. Which areas of Hogwarts are you eager to explore?

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