Hogwarts Legacy Launch Has Warner Bros. Games Feeling Good

Hogwarts Legacy launch

Hogwarts Legacy continues to impress not only its player base but the company behind it. In an interview with Variety, Warner Bros. Games President David Haddad says the company is “very pleased” with the Hogwarts Legacy launch.

“We are very pleased with the initial launch and see a bright future for our other platform launches,” Haddad said.

Hogwarts Legacy was released on February 10 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S to mostly positive reviews. Even before the game fully launched, it was breaking records for viewership on Twitch. Since launch, Haddad claims that the response from players has been “spectacular”.

“The player engagement is spectacular,” he said. “So far, we have tracked over 152 million hours played, 173 million magical plants grown, 115 million potions brewed and 556 million Dark Wizards defeated.”

Those numbers mentioned by Haddad come as of February 16 when the interview actually took place. It’s assumed — and likely — that they’ve only gone up as more people play the game.

From a player-base standpoint, Hogwarts Legacy has seen a maximum concurrent of nearly 900,000 players on Steam alone since launch. Player numbers for consoles aren’t yet available.

Though it’s currently only available on PC and current-gen consoles, players with older systems will get their chance to dive into the wizarding world. Hogwarts Legacy comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 4. Those on Nintendo Switch will have to wait a bit longer as the game doesn’t release for that system until July 25.

Have you picked up Hogwarts Legacy since its launch?

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