Secure Democracy in Helldivers 2, Coming 2023

helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 was revealed during the PlayStation Showcase, with developer Arrowhead Game Studios dropping a trailer that was equal parts hilarious and action-packed. In the two-minute-long trailer, we see the futuristic landscape of Super Earth being threatened by aliens – but fear not, because the Helldivers are here to take care of them.

In the words of Arrowhead, Helldivers 2 will allow players to ‘step into the boots of an elite class of soldiers whose mission is to spread peace, liberty, and Managed Democracy using the biggest, baddest, and most explosive tools in the galaxy’.

So, it’s an action game, then?

Helldivers 2: Survival Not Guaranteed

It was a brilliant trailer that ended with the confirmation that Helldivers 2 will be coming to PlayStation 5 and PC in 2023 – so, probably in the Fall, then. It’s going to be a busy time for games.

It has been eight years since the first Helldivers title was released – again, as an exclusive for PlayStation platforms. This cooperative shooter promises to give players a wild ride as they do battle with all manner of aggressive alien lifeforms, as shown in the trailer:

In a statement, the CEO of Arrowhead spoke highly of the project:

Our team’s achievements in this time have been a source of immense pride. Whether you’re a seasoned player of the original game or a newcomer to the Helldivers universe, I can’t wait for you to dive into our tongue-in-cheek portrayal of a totalitarian regime. Brace yourselves for adrenaline-fueled moments, intense action, and a bond that forms when you rely on your team to complete missions or comically fail due to the reckless handling of over-the-top firepower. Most importantly, we hope that the laughter we share in the studio while playing the game will resonate with you as you enjoy this crazy universe.

Unabridged, unadulterated action and intense fun – that’s just what the doctor ordered.

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