Helldivers 2 Mechs Confirmed To Be Coming Soon By Developer

Helldivers 2 mechs

Mechs are coming soon to Helldivers 2, developer Arrowhead Game Studios has confirmed.

“HELLDIVERS! The EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits are in full production in the factories of Tien Kwan. Ready for deployment on the battlefield soon!” the game’s official Twitter account posted.

Before the confirmation of them coming “soon”, Mechs have always been the gameplay feature just out of reach for Helldivers 2 players. They have been in work since before the game’s release, but didn’t make it to the launch version of the game. That said, leaked gameplay did make its way online showing simple gameplay of the Mechs.

Other gameplay also confirmed how they work, allowing players to jump in and out freely. The EXO-45 Mech features a minigun and a missile launcher and help spread democracy far and wide.

It’s unclear, at this point, just how often you can get a Mech in your mission, how long they last, or any other restrictions around them. Nor is it known if there will be more than just one type of Mech for players in the future.

As of publishing, there’s no set date for when Mechs will be coming to Helldivers 2.

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