Helldivers 2 Developer Arrowhead Game Studios Appoints New CEO

Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge

According to a new post from Johan Pilestedt, Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Game Studios has appointed Shams Jorjani as its new CEO.

Following this change in leadership, Pilestedt also confirmed that they are “taking the role of Chief Creative Officer”. As a result, they plan to “spend more time with the team and 100% of my focus on the games and community.”

In a report by GamesIndustry.biz today, Pilestedt elaborated on the decision to hire a new CEO. They explained that “I’ve been pulled more towards the business side of things, and not able to focus as much on the creative side.”

Pilestedt added that “I will have to follow my heart,” and that “having a reluctant CEO is not something that will turn out that well, I think.”

Jorjani stated that “what I’ll be bringing to the table is organization and leadership,” citing their experience with Paradox.

Although Helldivers 2 recently faced a lot of backlash over its PSN updates, the team responded swiftly. Ultimately, the game earned 200,000 positive reviews in a single day after the devs reacted quickly to fan criticism.

Helldivers 2 continues to perform exceptionally well, as Arrowhead’s new CEO joins the team. A recent financial report revealed that Helldivers 2 has sold 12 million units in just 12 weeks.

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