Fortnite x Fallout Crossover Gets New Teaser Trailer

fortnite x fallout

There’s a new teaser available online that showcases the impending Fortnite x Fallout crossover coming to the popular battle royale game next season. It lasts just two seconds and reveals exactly how this integration will work, with a squad of Brotherhood of Steel members in T-60 Power Armor suits walking across a battlefield with an array of weapons.

But They’re Little

My biggest gripe with the uber-short teaser trailer is that it shows the characters in the T-60 Power Armor to be far too small. There’s something impressive and daunting about a suit of Power Armor, one of the most recognisable elements from the Fallout franchise, but Fortnite (understandably) slims them down for this collaboration.

In the two-second trailer (below), we see five suits of Power Armor, all of which boast a unique aesthetic. It’s hard to see at first blush, but it looks as though there are no custom weapon skins – or weapons – to celebrate the crossover event. It’s just the Power Armor skins.

More may be revealed soon as the new season comes closer – there’s no way this crossover event is restricted to a two-second teaser trailer, especially given the recent success and popularity of the Fallout franchise in general.

We’ll report more when we know it.

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  1. Hopefully my commebt doesn’t stand true when I say am I the only bethesda fan that doesn’t whine? Who cares if it’s to small? It’s battle Royale for a season. I’m an avid FO fan and I’m tired of everyone critiquing

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