10-Year-Old GTA Online Beta is Discovered, Shows Cut Features

gta online beta

On Twitter, one user has shared their escapades in a 10-year-old GTA Online beta that nobody seems to have ever seen before. It was made possible through an emulation platform on PC, with the user plugging into a pre-release build of Grand Theft Auto Online on Xbox 360. In a ten-minute-video shared to YouTube, we get a look at this old, buggy, and genuinely interesting but forgotten product.

What Did We Lose?

Since access the pre-release version of this GTA Online beta, user KimiSha19 has paved the way for many other users to start exploring the product. It all began with the video that KimiSha19 uploaded to YouTube, and since then, many other users have begun pulling out imagery, revealing cut content from GTA Online.

Here’s KimiSha19’s video:

Interestingly, the GTA Online beta can be played with friends, despite it being more than ten years since it was created. There are many aspects of the game that aren’t functional, but it runs – and that’s a miracle in itself.

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In the subsequent follow-up images posted on gtaforums.com, we saw an all-new logo, but that was just the beginning – here’s the cut content from the GTA Online beta:

  • Upon death, the ‘Wasted’ screen shows a breakdown of who killed oyu, with what weapon, and where they hit you – and your stats against them.
  • There was a totally different UI that was most noticable when levelling up.
  • There were two new contacts – Al Carter and Edgar Carlos, both of whom are known. The former represents the Lost MC while the latter was affiliated with the LS Vagos.
  • There would have been the ability to call for ‘gang backup’ from Lamar, Carter, and Carlos.
  • There were up to five create-a-character slots, and the entire creation menu looked totally different, but the base elements were the same.
  • There would have been periodic drops of ‘special crates’, but nobody knows what they were.

This is still developing at the moment, as players are still using the Xenia emulation platform to dig deeper into this never-released GTA Online beta.

Are you interested in getting involved and seeing what we missed?

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