GTA 5 Database Leak Mentions Unreleased DLC and Bully 2

GTA 5 Leak

A small Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) database leak seems to indicate both unreleased DLC for the game and Bully 2.

As first called out by @billsyliamgta on Twitter, the file contains a string referencing Bully 2. Another Rockstar franchise, the sequel to 2006’s Bully was in active development for over two years before being stopped.

Since then, Rockstar has made no direct mention of the series. However, fans have had hope that a sequel might come eventually, maybe even after GTA 6.

The GTA 5 DLC That Never Was

Aside from the small reference to Bully 2, the leaked files also make numerous mentions of the Cops N’ Crooks DLC that was never released. The files appear to reference roles that the mode would’ve had such as “Enforcer”, “Soldier”, “Hacker”, and more.

The Cops N’ Crooks mode, though never officially announced by Rockstar, was something that was planned years ago. However, it was ultimately shelved after the death of George Floyd back in 2020.

What do you think about the GTA 5 database file leak mentioning both Bully 2 and an unreleased DLC mode for the game? For more Insider Gaming, read about a new game space exploration game coming from Paradox called Starminer.