God of War Ragnarok Will Get New Game Plus in Spring 2023

god of war ragnarok

Santa Monica Studio has taken to Twitter to reveal that God of War Ragnarok will receive a New Game Plus mode in Spring 2023. For some, it’s a bizarrely late addition to what is already a master-crafted game, but for others, it’s a welcome add-on.

God of War Ragnarok was released on the 9th of November, and since then, it has become a critically acclaimed title. It won big at The Game Awards and it has proven itself to be a smash hit amongst fans of the franchise, but it’s not done yet.

It’s unlikely that New Game Plus will launch on its own next spring – could Santa Monica be planning something else for Ragnarok?

Probably Not.

Unfortunately, it was revealed shortly after the release and the game (and with how the game ended…) that any DLC is unlikely to surface. We won’t spoil anything too specific, but the Norse chapter of Kratos’ saga is well and truly wrapped up.

With that being said, it seems quite strange that Santa Monica would wait so long after the launch of the game to debut New Game Plus. If we assume that it launches in April 2023, given the ‘Spring 2023’ window, it’ll be six months after the game was released that New Game Plus makes its arrival.

On Twitter, user @mudbutt42 echoed the thoughts of a few other users (posting on Santa Monica’s original tweet):

I don’t understand why Ng+ comes out 6 months after the game releases? I’m playing your game right now, I’m engaged in your game right now, not 6 months from now when I’m playing something else.

If anything, God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus addition could cause a brief resurgence in the player count. It may also arrive with other new content and perhaps even some additional trophies.

We’ll find out next year.

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