Players Are Being Invited to Play Gigantic Again

A new post on the gigantic subreddit has revealed that the creators will once again be opening up the servers to allow people to play the game for a limited time.

Despite the image on Reddit only revealing the time and place of the invite, Insider Gaming has been given the full email, which reveals the event will have some new content.

In addition and despite the event being a supposed ‘throwback’, invited players will have to sign a Closed Gigantic Playtest Agreement, which outlines players can’t; stream the game, screengrab the game, record the game, or discuss it outside of private channels.

The email reads:

You’ve been invited to play Gigantic and participate in our Gigantic Throwback Event: a limited time event from Thursday, October 5 at 12 PM PT to Friday, October 6 at 9 PM PT that gives you the chance to re‑experience this unforgettable strategic hero shooter once more with fellow Gigantic fans!

To kick the weekend off and make the event as big as possible, we want a ton of Gigantic fans to jump into Gigantic Friday evening. Log into Gigantic then to play with hundreds of players and have some fun!

Please note: This is a special, private event specifically for you and other invited fans to play Gigantic once more. This experience is confidential – you will need to review and agree to the Closed Gigantic Playtest Agreement in order to join and play Gigantic.


In this limited time event, you can re-experience a portion of Gigantic’s features you know and love and some never-before-seen features that have been added just for this event!

  • Familiar Heroes and Arenas Make a Return: The heroes and arenas you loved back when Gigantic launched are back for this Fan Fest version of Gigantic.
  • Fight with Massive Guardians: Fight alongside and against massive guardians in epic 5v5 battles to control the battlefield.
  • Freedom of Movement: Maneuver expansive and intricate arenas with unparalleled speed.
  • Deeply Strategic: Strategize and adapt with your teammates to best your enemies using a widely diverse roster of heroes.


❖ Rush Mode: A more accessible, fast-paced and action-packed mode for all players bringing a simplified Gigantic experience that lets you jump in and get into the action of Gigantic with ease

❖ Build Loadout System: Build and customize your own unique loadouts and choose which upgrade path you want to take for each hero in Gigantic

❖ Revamped Content

  • Tutorials: Get a refresher on the ins and outs of Gigantic, including Rush Mode, in revamped tutorials so you’re prepared to enter the battlefield
  • Fortune Card System: Complete exciting challenges to earn Fortune Cards filled with character lore and get in-game currency in the process to use to unlock additional customization options
  • Progression System: Experience a revamped progression system that lets you level up to unlock even more customization options from weapons to emotes and much more
    ❖ Customization Features: Check out never-before-seen customization content, like unique weapon skins and profile options such as player icons”

What do you think of Gigantic coming back again?

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