Ghost of Tsushima Movie Script ‘Is Done’, Says Stahelski

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Chad Stahelski, the legendary stuntman, producer, and director behind the likes of John Wick, Deadpool, and The Wolverine, has given a monumental update on the state of play for the in-production Ghost of Tsushima movie. It’s a passion project of Stahelski’s that he’s been working on since shortly after the game was released in 2020, and it is reportedly picking up traction immensely well.

Authenticity at its Finest

In an interview with Screen Rant, Stahelski explained that the script for Ghost of Tsushima is officially completed and that the team can now start ‘getting their shit together’. He spoke very highly of Ghost of Tsushima as an IP, which launched in 2020 exclusively on PlayStation to an overwhelmingly positive and adoring reception.

I think the two things that I am closest and most interested in are Highlander and Ghost of Tsushima. Both amazing, amazing properties, the story of Ghost is, also, one of my favorite properties of all time.

Reportedly, Stahelski takes a lot of inspiration from the legendary Japanese filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa, and some of the elements that were pulled through into Ghost of Tsushima to mimic his style resonated immensely well with the famed stuntman-turned-director.

It was stated in the interview that Stahelski wants to have an all-Japanese cast speaking in their native tongue to boost the authenticity of the movie. How this will impact audiences, it’s yet to be seen – but it’ll likely have a noticeable hit on viewership figures.

Are you excited about the Ghost of Tsushima movie, or are you waiting with guarded expectations?

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