Dataminers Uncover the True Face of Call of Duty’s Ghost

ghost face reveal

It was a moment that shattered the expectations of Call of Duty fans the world over. Following a session digging through information, dataminers uncovered and extracted a representative image revealing the face of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Ghost.

This should have been a monumental moment, as for years, Call of Duty fans have had to deal with Ghost’s visage being hidden behind his iconic skull masks. However, following the work of crafty dataminers, it seems that Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley isn’t as impressive as his character and persona would lead you to believe.

Ghost’s Face Reveal is a Little Underwhelming

Image Credit: @MW2CODHub on Twitter

In Modern Warfare 2, Ghost is an incredibly, story-driving character, made legendary by his legacy in the Call of Duty franchise, which stretches back more than a decade. He’s a mysterious character and has been hidden behind a mask since first appearing on the scene in 2009.

There are few characters from the Call of Duty franchise that are more badass or globally appreciated than Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley. He’s a force to be reckoned with; a super-soldier of epic proportions, capable of facing down an army and coming out the other side smiling.

Well, we’d assume he’s smiling… The mask, you know?

But, when dataminers extracted Ghost’s face from deep within Modern Warfare 2’s files, they were disappointed to see he wasn’t a war-torn, leathered, grizzly alpha male, but a relatively plain-looking, somewhat baby-faced gentleman.

That’s because, quite simply, the face of Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley is the face of Samuel Roukin, Ghost’s voice actor in the Modern Warfare and Warzone franchises.

Are We Really All That Surprised?

For years, Call of Duty has been pushing the envelope when it comes to graphics and character models. By using cutting-edge motion capture and character scanning technology, Activision’s studios are effortlessly pulling real-world actors into a digital environment.

It’s the way games have been made for years, but it also means that, for the most part, every character in Call of Duty is a true-to-life replica of its voice actor.

So, it comes as no surprise that Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley is the digital embodiment of Samuel Roukin.

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  1. U need to stop lying because in 2 to last Mission get see the Cut scene ghost team ghost hair was my light orange so please, πŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌ

  2. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das das bild echt ist weil er von hinten hallt nicht so aussah und sein kopf schmaler war als auf dem bild aber kann schon sein das es echt ist aber nach meiner meinung nicht wirklich

  3. This is so dumb ghost is from call of duty ghost and he is normal until the end of the campaign where he puts the mask on you now what he looks like at the beginning of the call of duty ghost campaign

  4. This website should know the author writes as if he has a brain disability. My 9 yo daughter could compose a more coherent article
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  5. Many SF people don’t really look like what Hollywood would lead you to believe. So it isn’t that shocking.

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