Allegedly Leaked Image May Have Confirmed Gears of War 6

gears of war 6

Let’s be optimistic here – around two weeks ago, Nick Baker (of the Xbox Era podcast) directly suggested that a Gears of War collection was ‘still happening’. Now, during another edition of his podcast, Baker was reportedly sent an image that may confirm (at least) the existence of both Gears of War 6 and a Gears Ultimate Collection.

We’ll preface this by stating, quite clearly, that neither Baker nor his source are aware if this is a real image or if it’s an (admittedly very believable) edit. If it’s real, then fans of the franchise could be about to see the first new core Gears game since 2019, and not only that, but they could receive updated, potentially even rebuilt copies of Gears 2 and 3 as fundamental parts of the Gears Ultimate Collection.

We Can Hope, Right?

At present, there’s nothing to suggest that this leaked image comes from a truthful, reliable source, but let’s ponder for a moment the reality where it is an honest-to-God confirmation of the existence of these games and push that ‘pinch of salt’ to the side for a second.

Gears 5 (2019) was totally open-ended, and it wrapped with a direct indication that a sequel would follow. That’s likely the baseline for Gears 6, and there’s every possibility that the follow-up would continue right where Gears 5 left off. There are rough expectations that, following Gears 6, another title in the core series won’t appear for years, if at all.

Not only would players be given an expansion into one of the most beloved franchises in the history of the Xbox platform, but they’d likely receive an overhauled version of the entire opening portion of the Gears series.

Below is the clip from the Xbox Era podcast where Nick Baker revealed this allegedly leaked image:

While conversations have sprung up online regarding the existence of these projects, the general consensus is that the image may have been created to mislead fans with eager expectations. At the moment, there’s no way to prove if the image is to be believed, but it’s a nice thought either way.

Are you eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the Gears franchise?

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