Gearbox Will Be Sold Next Month, It’s Claimed


It was recently reported that the Embracer Group is closing in on the final stages of a deal that’ll see Gearbox sold out from under the rapidly restructuring company. It has been claimed that Gearbox is ‘closer than ever to being sold’ following suggestions last year that the company was being sized up for a few options, including independence from Embracer Group and a potential transfer.

Gearbox Gearing up to Go

The Embracer Group is going through a vast reorganisation effort that’s seeing subsidiaries being closed, sold, and cut down left, right, and centre. It’s an overwhelming effort by the Group to recoup finances lost from the collapse of a $2 billion Saudi-backed deal that left Embracer in the hole. Most recently, it was revealed that Saber Interactive will be sold to a private investment group for $500 million.

In 2021, Embracer Group purchased Gearbox for $1.2 billion – but it’s unlikely the conglomerate will get any kind of a return on its investment. Gearbox is a legendary company, though. In the quarter-century that the firm has been operating, it has worked on the likes of Counter-Strike, Brothers in Arms, Duke Nukem, Aliens, and of course, the Borderlands series.

In an article published by Kotaku, it was stressed that more information will be shared next month. At this point, it’s claimed that ‘a decision has been made regarding the studio’s future’, and according to sources close to the transaction, that decision is to sell.

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