Forza Motorsport Gameplay Screenshot Leaks Online

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A leaked gameplay screenshot of the upcoming Forza Motorsport game has leaked online on various subreddits. Despite there being some skepticism about the validity of the screenshot, Insider Gaming has been able to verify it is real.

As seen in the screenshot, the image displayed the watermark “Tryyton”, who is a frequent Twitch streamer. Despite the screenshot clearly showing that it originated from him, Insider Gaming reached out to Tryyton to speak of the credibility of the image and to ask whether or not he was the leaker.

Speaking with Tryyton, he instantly denied that he was the one who leaked the image to Reddit but did admit that the image was his. According to him, the image was posted to a private discord server setup by a playtesting company which is used to report bugs (perhaps the paint job?). Unfortunately, though, Tryyton would not disclose which playtesting company he’s playtesting for in order to verify his claims.

“In 25+ years of doing alpha/beta tests under NDA, this never happened,” he said.

According to Tryyton, he has already spoken with the playtesting company to resolve the issue internally.

Several people have already spoken about the quality of how the game looks, but Tryyton wouldn’t disclose when the screenshot was taken to abide by his NDA. In the screenshot, however, we can see the string “20230209t”, leading people to believe that the t means time and that the screenshot was taken on February 2, 2023.

UPDATE – Insider Gaming has been able to verify with two sources who have provided photo evidence that the screenshot originated from a multiplayer stress test for the game on February 9, 2023.

If you know of the playtesting company, or know when the screenshot was taken, you can reach out anonymously and securely to [email protected]

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  1. The company needs to sue unfortunately, or else no one is going to take the NDA seriously.

  2. I’m still wondering why you used a screenshot of the Forza Horizon 4 “Fortune Island” DLC trailer for an article about Forza Motorsport… Nevertheless, I cannot wait for the game to be released

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