Fortnite x Family Guy Skins Still in Production, Dataminers Claim

Fortnite’s long-rumored Fortnite x Family Guy cosmetics collaboration still appears to be in the works, with dataminers recently discovering new associated code.

Reference to the cosmetics, codenamed FrenchFry, was first discovered and shared on Twitter back in 2021 by user GMatrixGames. The leaker even included a discovered sprite sheet with reference images from the Family Guy TV show. No word on the collaboration had arisen in the years since, leading many to believe that the crossover had been scrapped or wasn’t actually real.

According to new tweets by GMatrixGames and Fortnite news account FNAssist, however, a recent update has confirmed that the FrenchFry cosmetics are still in development. 

GMatrixGames’s tweet includes the updated ID of a cosmetic: CID_TBD_Athena_Commando_M_FrenchFry. The name gives a few specifics away, but FNAssist notes that it does indicate that Epic seems to be working on a male character skin for the FrenchFry codename. 

If FrenchFry does refer to a Fortnite x Family Guy collab, what isn’t clear is the form any skins would take. While back bling, emotes and other cosmetics could easily be incorporated, Epic would certainly face difficulties matching the distinct cartoon designs of the show’s main characters to Fortnite’s restricted hurtbox shape.

The updated file name is far from concrete proof that a Fortnite x Family Guy crossover will take place, or even that it’s likely to come soon. That said, given the previously established ties of the included FrenchFry codename, there’s hope yet for players eager to see the Griffin family enter Epic’s battle royale shooter.

Which characters from Family Guy do you want to see in Fortnite?

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