Focus Entertainment Is Changing Its Name

Focus Entertainment Name Change

Focus Entertainment, the publisher behind games like A Plague Tale: Requiem and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, have announced that they are changing the company’s name yet again.

As of April 1, 2024, Focus Entertainment will be rebranded as PulluP Entertainment. The renaming comes alongside the appointing of Geoffroy Sardin as the publisher’s new Deputy Chief Executive Officer as well as a new reorganization of company efforts.

From Focus Entertainment:

“On foot of this appointment, the board of directors, which met today, decided to redraw the Group’s organisation to mark a new transformative stage in its development around three complementary activities:

  • Firstly, a plan to spin-off the group’s historical publishing activity, to which the board of
    directors agreed in principle. This activity would then become Focus Entertainment Publishing on 1 April 2024, led by John Bert, Deputy Managing Director.
  • A division dedicated to the publishing of independent games and retrogaming comprising Dotemu, The Arcade Crew which will be managed by Cyrille Imbert, CEO of Dotemu and Deputy Managing Director.
  • The “Studios” division, which includes the seven creative studios (Deck13, Streumon, Twelve Tenths, Leikir Studio, Blackmill, Dovetail and Carpool Studio)

Subject to approval by the shareholders, who will be convened to a combined general meeting on 28 February to vote on changing Focus Entertainment’s company name, Fabrice Larue is delighted to announce that these three divisions will be brought together under a new umbrella brand from 1 April 2024: PulluP Entertainment.”

The name change marks the second time the company has undergone a change. From its creation in 1996 until 2021, it was known as Focus Home Interactive.

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