Where to Find an Egg Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

The Egg Launcher is a special Easter-themed version of the Grenade Launcher. It has been unvaulted again in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. The Egg Launcher first appeared in Season 3, way back in March 2018. It then skipped Easter 2019 and Easter 2022, but Epic Games unvaulted it for both Easter 2021 and Easter 2022. And it’s back for Easter 2023. It’s a pretty special weapon, but not so special that you can only find it under very specific conditions. You don’t have to get to a specific place to find an Egg Launcher, and there isn’t a specific NPC or boss that sells it. So, to find an Egg Launcher, just keep an eye out for one in chests or as floor loot. You can find Uncommon or Rare Egg Launchers as floor loot, Epic and Legendary Egg Launchers in rare chests, and Egg Launchers of any rarity in regular chests. You can also get an Egg Launcher by eliminating an opponent who has one and looting it from their remains.

What Does The Egg Launcher do in Fortnite?

The Egg Launcher actually has exactly the same stats as the Grenade Launcher and uses the same ammo, and rockets. You don’t use the various eggs you can find during Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 as ammo for the Egg Launcher. The main difference between the Egg Launcher and the Grenade Launcher is the eggs behave a little differently from grenades. While grenades shot from a Grenade Launcher will bounce once and then explode when they hit something else, Egg Launcher eggs explode after a few seconds. So basically, Egg Launcher eggs don’t explode on impact and have a longer fuse than grenades. This makes the Egg Launcher a little harder to use than the Grenade Launcher.

The Egg Launcher, like the Grenade Launcher, is most useful when playing on modes with building enabled. While it’s not accurate enough to be used in an open firefight, when an opponent “boxes up”, it becomes really effective. So, if you damage an opponent to the point that they frantically build themselves some cover, switch to the Egg Launcher and use it to blast that cover to pieces.