Final Fantasy 16 to Release June 22nd 2023, it’s Claimed

Popular leaker The Snitch has released his latest teaser on Twitter that seems to suggest that Final Fantasy 16 will release on June 22nd, 2023.

The Snitch seems to think of himself as some kind of poet, but behind the elegance of his words, clues can be found.

The tweet:

First, the Final Fantasy 16 part seems to be referred to because of the reference to a “crystal”, of which crystals have appeared in every main game of the Final Fantasy franchise.

As for the release date, 22 grains of said is likely referring to the 22nd and 6 nations as June, therefore June 22nd, 2023 is our release date.

Last week, Insider Gaming exclusively reported that Final Fantasy 16 pre-orders will go live soon, likely around the same time as The Game Awards on December 8.

Yesterday, Final Fantasy 16 was rated in Brazil suggesting that an announcement for the game was imminent.

Naoki Yoshida said last month “We plan to release the information again later this year, so I think we can say it at that time. I don’t think it’s going to be over the summer, so I think it’s okay (laughs).

At this time, officially, Final Fantasy XVI is scheduled to release in mid-2023 for PlayStation. It will be a timed exclusive for six months, before being eligible for release on other platforms.

Are you excited to play Final Fantasy 16?

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