Farming Simulator, But For Your Kids

farming simulator kids

Farming Simulator, the worldwide phenomenon (if you like reaping what you sow) that sees players build a fully-fledged, high-functioning farm from the ground up, is evolving. In what must be an effort to teach an entirely new generation about the wonders of agriculture, Giants Software is developing Farming Simulator Kids, which is slated to launch in 2024.

Farming Made Easy

Farming Simulator can be more intense than you’d realise. There’s a legitimate esports (competitive gaming) league built around Farming Simulator – it gets very serious and there are some sizeable prize pools up for grabs.

In the cutesy version of Farming Simulator, aptly named ‘Farming Simulator Kids’, budding gamers can get to grips with heavy machinery, crop circulation, and the caring of animals big and small. Here’s the 30-second trailer that gives you the lowdown on what to expect:

To Make Farming Simulator Kids as accessible as possible, Giants Software will be releasing the game on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. It’ll be the perfect game to keep green-thumbed children occupied on long drives or something.

Adults can play it too… We know you want to.

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