Fallout TV Show Could Last For Five Seasons

fallout tv show series

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fallout showrunner, Graham Wagner, spoke about the future of the show and the success of the first season. On April 9, the Fallout TV series debuted on Amazon Prime Video to an overwhelmingly positive reception, bringing about one of the most faithfully recreated live-action adaptations ever made, on par with HBO’s The Last of Us.

Since the first season dropped, a second was greenlit and production was kicked off, but fans are now wondering how far the series will go. There’s a wealth of source material available, and Fallout is one of those franchises that doesn’t ‘have’ to ever end, which is why the show’s creators have joked about putting out ‘hundreds’ of seasons.

Temperamental Industry

In the interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Graham Wagner responded to a question about how many seasons would be ‘ideal’ for Fallout:

We’ve talked about a billion seasons as a jokey way to evade the question because we don’t control that. So our hope is to end every season with a semi-satisfying, semi-open-ended kind of shape. Look, we’ve talked about three seasons and we’ve talked about five seasons. Given the success of the show, five is suddenly feeling a little more appealing. But the industry is a temperamental thing and we kind of have to go into each season being like, “This is our last.”

Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, another showrunner, spoke at length about filming the first season and how the process will differ going into the second season of the show. It was explained that the decision to relocate to Southern California for filming was a tactical one, as filming on-location in New York presented some weather-related issues that almost spoiled more than a few scenes.

Robertson-Dworet explained that there’s already plenty of meat on the bones for season two of the show:

There are so many things we wanted to do in Season 1 where we were like, “That would be amazing, let’s do that in Season 2.” So it feels like we’re so much farther along and it’s honestly really exciting and we’re just really grateful to have the opportunity to bring to the screen all the things that didn’t quite fit in Season 1. We’re excited to get to now do those now.

Fallout’s second season doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’d expect it to drop towards the end of 2025 or at the start of 2026.

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