Fallout 76 Hits Record Player Count After TV Show

fallout 76 record

The hype around the Fallout TV show is so strong that a once-maligned game is getting a new lease on life. Fallout 76, the online open-world game, has reached record player count numbers on Steam since the show’s release last week.

According to SteamDB, Fallout 76 reached a peak player count of 39,455 concurrent players on Sunday. That’s just about 6,500 more than the prior peak total on the platform of 32,982.

If you want to know more about Fallout 76 and if it’s worth checking out in 2024, Insider Gaming’s Grant Taylor-Hill did a review of how far the game has come since its rocky launch.

“Well, following almost five years of development, which has included the onboarding of third-party studios to build out the content for the game, Fallout 76 is in quite a good place,” he writes. “There’s a strong variety of content on offer, branching questlines, and thanks to the inclusion of NPCs everywhere, it feels more like a living, breathing world.”

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