Fallout 76 America’s Playground Update Available Now

Fallout 76 has a fresh update just waiting to be downloaded across all platforms, bringing a new questline, more explorable locations, and a major overhaul to how ‘seasons’ work in the game. This update has been dubbed ‘America’s Playground’, and it’s once again centred around the Atlantic City ‘map’ that was added to Fallout 76 last year.

What’s Included with America’s Playground?

As they dive into the America’s Playground update in Fallout 76, there’s a fresh questline for players. It’s set in the heart of Atlantic City and is built around the ‘Expedition’ model that players have known and loved for a couple of years. There’s also a brand-new questline available in Appalachia, the game’s core map – but it’s a crossover from Atlantic City.

Regarding the ‘expansion map’, players will be invited to explore Atlantic City further and discover a range of merchants and side quests, which helps give the new-ish location a fuller feel, making it more valuable.

The biggest talking point with this update is the dramatic overhaul made to the ‘Scoreboard’ system. Originally, players could work their way through a free-to-access Scoreboard that was packed with goodies, including free ‘Atoms’, cosmetics, boosts, and crafting items. Bethesda Game Studios has done away with that and introduced a kind of season pass with pages full of items that players can unlock at their own pace.

They’ll need to complete challenges to unlock tokens, which they in turn can spend on various items in the season pass. It’s still free, but now players without the Fallout 1st subscription can pay the access the ‘premium’ side of the Scoreboard.

Here are the update sizes for America’s Playground:

  • PC (Steam): 17.1 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 27.1 GB
  • Xbox: 27.08 GB
  • PlayStation: 26.1 GB

This is the seventeenth season of Fallout 76 – are you still playing?

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