Fairgame$: Rob the Rich with Friends in Haven’s First Game


Fairgame$ was revealed by the all-new studio, Haven, during the PlayStation Showcase – and it looks fairly superb at first blush. In an attempt to apply a twist to the multiplayer shooter arena, Haven Studios has created Fairgame$, a multiplayer competitive heist game built with ’emergent sandbox gameplay’ in mind.

It’s poised to offer up a fresh multiplayer gaming experience, with players having the ability to launch intense, ambitious heists with their friends while fighting to secure riches against other players in the same environment. It looks bright, it looks innovative, and it’s the first new IP from Haven Studios.

Yes, the ‘$’ Is Included

In the CGI reveal trailer for Fairgame$, we learn that there are groups of people not satisfied with the fact that the super-rich are… Well, super-rich. There’s going to be an attempt to balance the scales, and it all begins with players taking the financial elite for every penny they have.

Here’s the trailer for your appreciation:

There’s plenty to soak up in the short breakdown, from factions and teams dressed in unique outfits to a wide range of abilities that lend themselves to thinking this might be a ‘hero shooter’ of sorts. There are smoke screens, grapple hooks, deployable shields, and all kinds of weapons – most of which look non-lethal, for some reason.

It’s all about making as much money as possible and then making it out with the stash, avoiding other players or taking them on to steal what they’ve got. There are AI opponents to deal with, as well as security systems that change with each game, bringing into play that emergent sandbox vibe that was highlighted earlier.

There’s no date on Fairgame$ at present, and it remains in development for PC and PlayStation 5.

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