F1 24 Leaks Reveal Champions Edition Cover & Achievements

F1 24 Car Promo

As first spotted on Reddit, a pair of separate F1 24 leaks have apparently revealed the Champions Edition cover art and all 50 achievements that players can earn.

Twitter user @joshmerrin showed off the F1 24 cover art in a new post yesterday. The featured racing driver appears to be Max Verstappen, triumphantly standing in a flurry of confetti.

Although this marks a return for the icon, some fans are a little disappointed that F1 24 didn’t introduce someone new for the cover.

But this may be partly due to Verstappen appearing immediately after F1 23, where they were also the Champions Edition driver. New players might be more familiar with F1 23 since it joined the Xbox Game Pass earlier this month.

F1 24 Cars Racing At Night

The second F1 24 leak comes via another Twitter post, only from user @F124News. Surprisingly, they note that EA itself leaked all 50 achievements for the game on the EA App.

Naturally, the achievements also offer a glimpse at some of the upcoming gameplay and features that fans can expect. User @F124News acknowledged nods to both F1 Driver Career and MyTeam.

For example, the achievements reference relationship levels in Driver Career, and the return of rivalries. However, there are also a lot of achievements for F1 World, so fans can likely expect the devs to explore that even further. Players largely enjoyed the mode and its progression.

In February, EA announced that F1 24 will launch on May 31st for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. EA has not officially confirmed the Champions Edition cover or achievements.

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