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how to play evil awakening 2 online

Evil Awakening 2 is one of those games that can be played without end. It’s a super-sized MMORPG in a neat, little package, and it’s easily one of the best free browser games to emerge in recent years. It’s an idle MMORPG that offers an immersive experience fused with a wide, open world, advanced character-creation elements, and intense boss battles. In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to play Evil Awakening 2 online for free.

It’s well worth a shot – Evil Awakening 2 has amassed millions of players since it was released in 2022, serving as a perfect follow-up title to the first game. This detailed, diverse, and free-to-play MMORPG is almost guaranteed to keep you engaged for hours on end. If you want to know as much as possible and pick up the best Evil Awakening 2 tips, read on – you won’t be disappointed.

Our Rating:4.2⭐
Available On:iOS, Android, Browser
DeveloperGame Hollywood Hong Kong
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

What Is Evil Awakening 2?

Evil Awakening 2: Erebus is the full name of this popular browser- and mobile-based MMORPG. It’s one of the most enthralling titles to emerge in recent years, offering players a unique experience that’s positively overflowing with customisation, thrilling boss fights, and opportunities to interact with other players from around the world.

When you play Evil Awakening 2 online, you’ll be building your character from the ground up. This is a process that involves customising how your character looks and assigning them a ‘Hero Class’. From there, you’ll fight enemies, spar against bosses, and engage in guild activities, battling against other players and joining them to go on expeditions.

As you play, you’ll loot new items and upgrades, level up your characters, fight alongside companions, and secure desirable bonuses, like mounts and exclusive armour items. It’s a title that features some rich gameplay elements, and while the graphics might not be as flashy as other, competing titles, Evil Awakening 2 more than makes up for that aspect in its entertainment value.

Is Evil Awakening 2 Free?

It’s an important question – ‘Is Evil Awakening 2 free?’

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that Evil Awakening 2 certainly is free to play, regardless of whether you’re using the Game Hollywood Hong Kong website to play it on a browser or if you’re running the mobile application to play it. It’s free – but there are microtransactions, which is a set standard for most modern free-to-play titles. It’s how the developer funds the evolution of a free game, which is a small price to pay for getting such a great product for no upfront cost.

However, when it comes to the Evil Awakening 2 cost, we’re pleased to confirm that there’s no need to buy any packs, bundles, or boosts. They’re optional, and if you’re willing to put in the grind, you’ll unlock what you need in no time at all. Of course, you can simply part ways with a little money – as long as you stay within your budget – to climb those ranks much quicker.

Typically, Evil Awakening 2’s prices are the same as any other game within the niche. Some packs start from as little as $0.99 but there will be a few that go up into the hundreds of dollars. That’s why it’s important to focus on your budget.

How To Play Evil Awakening 2

Evil Awakening 2 boasts a relatively basic gameplay loop that can be easily understood by any newcomer, which is great news for the millions of people who have decided to play the game already – and the many thousands of players yet to get involved.

There’s quite an innovative story driving Evil Awakening 2 forward, and it involves the collapse of civilisation as we know it. It’s about the fight for survival against Erebus, a Dark Lord with a hatred for humans and a desire to rule and destroy everything good in the world. When you start learning how to play Evil Awakening 2, you won’t need to worry about Erebus, but his many minions, as that’s where your journey begins.

In Evil Awakening 2, you’ll be fighting in arenas, forming squads, studying tactics, and cutting down enemies left, right, and centre. Every so often, you’ll dive into a dungeon, fight a boss or two, and join up with other players – or fight against them – in the game’s PvP and Guild Battles modes.

It doesn’t matter if you get Evil Awakening 2 on PC or mobile – the experience is much the same.

Best Evil Awakening 2 Tips

There are many top Evil Awakening 2 tips that we can offer to help you succeed relatively early on. For the most part, success in Evil Awakening 2 comes with learning the ropes over time. It’s a forgiving learning curve, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t need to put in a little effort to grind out as many early wins as possible.

Here are our best tips for Evil Awakening 2:

  • Secure Your Playstyle: There are a lot of Hero characters in Evil Awakening 2, and you’ll want to make sure that you pick the one that aligns best with your playstyle from the beginning of the game. Are you more of a ranged player, do you want to rely on magic, or are you more of an ‘up close and personal’ kind of player?
  • Level Up Your Equipment: There’s nothing more important than being strong and resilient in a battle, and that comes from levelling up your gear progressively over time. Keep an eye on the levels of your equipment and address any weaknesses when they arise.
  • Build The Best Team: Like in competing titles, Evil Awakening 2 has a huge focus on building a strong team. Everything from your squad’s strengths and weaknesses and their position in a fight is important.
  • Join a Good Guild: If you want to play Evil Awakening 2 and get the best experience possible, then join a strong, positive Guild. This is the best way to farm Gold Coins, Diamonds, and other resources to level up your character, team, and equipment.

When you start playing Evil Awakening 2 online for free, you’ll quickly notice that it’s quite forgiving to newcomers. That’ll change quite quickly as you get further into the game, but it’ll take a while before the difficulty level really ramps up.

Evil Awakening 2 Gameplay Features

In Evil Awakening 2, you’ll be doing battle against a series of enemies from three core factions:

  • The Corrupted
  • The Lich
  • The Devourer

For the most part, the bulk of the gameplay found in Evil Awakening 2 revolves around fighting enemies, either taking on one huge boss or slaying dozens of lower-level, more basic enemies. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the map at will, and at any moment, options to customise your character and your team will crop up.

There are events that Guilds can take part in that yield sizeable rewards, too. From building up your core team, levelling up your Hero characters and equipment, and dominating all comers, there’s plenty to see and do in Evil Awakening 2.

Evil Awakening 2 Bosses and Characters

Evil Awakening 2 boasts a series of characters that represent tough bosses, unique buffs for the player, or add-on characters that can prove how dedicated to the game a player truly is.

Here are some ‘Partners’, for example. They’re characters in Evil Awakening 2 that apply buffs or offer the player some special attacks during a fight:

  • Butcher (Incinerate ability)
  • Tinaya (Fireball ability)
  • Holy Walker (Pulverise ability)
  • Janet (Windball ability)

Here are some of the most fearsome bosses to be found and fought in Evil Awakening 2. There are countless battles to take on in Evil Awakening 2, and it’s these guys that will give you the most trouble, without question.

  • Grimmy Priest
  • Erebus
  • Wyrm King
  • Mutant King

Elsewhere, you can unlock exclusive mounts for participating events or by outright buying one through the game’s store:

  • Philip Lionheart (Lionheart ability)
  • Snowmane Skashar (Night Shadow ability)
  • Phantom Saga Cooby (Phantom ability)
  • Thunder Windchaser (Thunderstorm ability)


That’s everything you need to know to go and play Evil Awakening 2 online – is it enough to convince you? Remember, this is a free-to-play game, so there’s essentially no risk in installing the game and giving it a try. It’s still relatively new, and that means that you’ll be joining a community that’s still developing and hasn’t grown stale or complacent.

There’s a lot to see and do in Evil Awakening 2 – will you be downloading it or playing it in a browser any time soon?

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