Every PS5 DualSense Controller Is On Sale Right Now

PS5 DualSense Controller Sale
Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

If you’ve been waiting for a sale to buy yourself a new DualSense controller to go with the one that came with your PS5, now just might be the time to do it.

Sony has put every DualSense controller on sale for just $49. That’s a discount of up to 35% ($74.99) for special colors like Volcanic Red, Galactic Purple, Starlight Blue, and more. The standard white and black controllers usually cost $69.99, making the discount a smaller, but still nice, 30%.

Even if you don’t have a PS5, the controller is natively supported by Steam. That makes it a good option for PC players who are also in the market for a new controller.

If you want a controller with more customization and features, there is the DualSense Edge. However, that controller isn’t currently on sale and remains $199.99.

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