EGX and MCM Comic Con Joining Forces in London This Year

egx mcm comic con

It has just been revealed that EGX and MCM Comic Con, two of the biggest gaming and pop culture events in the United Kingdom, will be joining forces in October 2024. This never-before-seen alignment will bring both events under the same roof at the same time, and one ticket will grant access to both ‘sections’.

Whether you’re a cosplay enthusiast, a hardcore gamer, a comic book aficionado, or a lover of all things anime, there’s going to be a spot for you at the EGX x MCM crossover event.

Better Together

EGX has enjoyed a spot at the top of the table when it comes to gaming conventions in the United Kingdom. It’s one of the most prolific events of the year, but recently, it has been getting overshadowed by the Insomnia Gaming Festival.

That probably won’t happen this year.

In a stunning announcement, it has been revealed that both MCM Comic Con and EGX will be hosted at the ExCeL in London on the same weekend. That means tens of thousands of people will flock to one building to soak up everything the duo of events has to offer.

There will be more celebrity meet and greets, games to play, merch to buy, and cosplayers to marvel at than ever before.

However, one key concern that the community has is regarding the price of the tickets. It’s expected that standard tickets will be made much more expensive to reflect the alignment between these two super-sized events, but by how much, nobody knows. For press and creator applicants, it has been confirmed that the window for applications will open ‘later than normal’ this year, too.

Are you excited about these two events coming together under the same roof?

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