Jude Bellingham is EA Sports FC 25 Cover Star; Ultimate Edition Will Feature Multiple Stars

Jude Bellingham will be the cover star for EA Sports FC 25, but the Ultimate Edition is set to feature several stars, both past and present.

The news first broke of Jude Bellingham being the cover star by Twitter user @LeanDesign_, which has been independently verified by Insider Gaming.

In addition to Jude Bellingham though, Insider Gaming has been sent the Ultimate Edition cover of the game, which features five different stars both past and present. These are (from left to right), Gianluigi Buffon, Aitana Bonmati, Jude Bellingham, Zidane, and David Beckham. The stars are surrounded by various different championship trophies.

Credit is to be given to @AsyFutTrader, @WetDesignFUT and @Fut_scoreboard for the find.

It’s unclear when the covers will be officially shared, but as leaks continue to spill, it’s likely to be soon.

Earlier this month, the price, editions, and an early access period for EA Sports FC 25 were also leaked online.

What do you think of Jude Bellingham being the cover star for EA Sports FC 25? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Jude Bellingham has had a phenomenal year, from winning the Champions League at Real Madrid during his first season there to now reaching the Euro 2024 finals with England, truly one of the best football players on the planet right now. The perfect choice for FC 25’s cover star.

  2. Bellingham was a great player this season but didn’t perform what it was expected for the best player in the world. He had a wonderful participation in the beginning of the season but in Euro he just was one more player. DIdn’t had the spotlight.
    The cover should be given to the player who ran into the spotlight game after game specially in the playoffs: Vini Jr.

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