Dying Light Player Count Soars By 330% Amid Sale Spree

dying light player count

Dying Light (2015) is soaring on Steam amid a monumental sale that has slashed the game’s price tag down to single-digit dollars. This open-world zombie title, which is often considered one of the best post-apocalyptic games ever made, first wowed audiences almost a decade ago with its high-octane parkour mechanics and grisly combat engine.

As Techland has slashed the price to celebrate Zombie Awareness Month, tens of thousands of people have flooded into the game, boasting the player count by around 330%.

Undead Rising

On Steam, which has readily available player data, a peak player count of 39,812 players was recorded in the last twenty-four hours. Last month, that peak player count sat at around 9,049. By contrast, 2022’s Dying Light 2: Stay Human, which was released to a mixed reception, boasts a twenty-four-hour peak player count of around 7,000.

The all-time high for Dying Light on Steam is 45,770, so this special sale almost reached a new record.

For reference, the last time Dying Light scored anywhere close to these numbers on Steam was in February 2022 – when Dying Light 2 was released. Isn’t it funny how that works?

Dying Light is well worth playing, even almost a decade after it emerged. It features an immersive, entertaining story that’ll keep you occupied for a good thirty to fifty hours, and there’s a fantastic option for multiplayer if you want to slay the undead alongside a friend. It was one of the defining games of the last generation and one of the best zombie games ever made, so it’s well worth paying a couple of dollars to get ahold of it.

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