Dying Light 3’s Protagonist May Be Decided by the Community

dying light 3

It’s not a Dying Light 3 announcement! In a Tweet, Dying Light’s ‘Franchise Director’ – Tymon Smektala – took to the airwaves to host a small survey. In this survey, he literally asked the community to confirm what kind of protagonist they’d most want to see in Dying Light 3.

He stressed that it isn’t an announcement, but put forward the survey that asked ‘if they do DL3’, what would the community most like the protagonist’s profession to be? Given the options, it’s clear that any discussions going on within Techland regarding a follow-up title are concerning an immediate sequel to Dying Light 2.

It’s Not An Announcement!

Here’s the full Tweet from Smektala for reference:

It seems that most players are eager to assume control of a GRE Agent (turned good), which is basically the premise of the first Dying Light game, released in 2015 to an overwhelmingly positive reception.

Behind that, the community is also interested in a game told from the perspective of ‘just a Survivor’, or alternatively, a ‘Nightrunner’. There’s almost no interest in playing as a Pilgrim, though.

Dying Light 2 was released in February 2022, so the chances of a follow-up title being announced anytime soon are slim, but not impossible. At present, Techland is still providing updates to the game, and Dying Light (2015) was kept online and alive long after it was released.

Not only that, but Techland is busy working on another title – an open-world, fantasy epic that remains mostly under wraps… For now.

So, if you had the choice, what would you play as in Dying Light 3?

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