Dying Light 2’s Success Is Down to Techland’s ‘Secret Formula’

Dying Light 2: Stay Human might not have had the best start in gaming history, but it has recovered quite nicely and is now considered one of the best open-world zombie games on the market. It’s a solid post-apocalyptic title with plenty to offer players, and it’s being supported for the foreseeable future by Techland, a studio that’s relentless when it comes to providing valuable updates.

In a recent interview, the franchise director at Techland, Tymon Smektala, spoke about the success of Dying Light 2 and the studio’s reluctance to turn it into a live service game.

‘Our Secret Formula’

Dying Light 2 is maintaining around one million MAU, which is a sizeable sum when you consider it’s now more than two years old and isn’t a live service game. Recently, Techland released one of the biggest updates ever added to the game, overhauling several mechanics, adding firearms, and tweaking more elements than you can shake a pointy, zombie-slaying stick at.

In a recent interview with MP1st, Smektala spoke about the ongoing success of Dying Light 2 and why Techland is refusing to change how it operates:

I think the key here is our unique relation with our community. When we win, we celebrate together, when we fail our community is supportive and helpful, we treat each other with respect and understanding. We’re very open with our community, giving them space and tools to directly communicate with us. This is our “secret formula”, this is what works for us.

He explained that Dying Light 2 has a ‘very unique formula’ that wouldn’t lend itself well to a live service operating model. Instead, the team will continue to rely on offering a premium game with games-as-a-service elements.

There are still some substantial updates on the horizon – including talks of a second major expansion for Dying Light 2, which was released in February 2022. It’s not at all known if there will ever be another game in the series, as Techland’s focus is now on a completely different game set in a new, original universe.

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