Where to Find Ser Lennart in Dragon’s Dogma 2

As you explore Vernworth for the first time, you will inevitably stumble upon numerous side quests. Many characters roaming the city have problems, and you’re apparently the only one capable of helping. One is a merchant, Donovan, near the ox carts who wants to help clear the roads, but he requires the help of Ser Lennart in Melve. He’s a pesky one, though. Here’s where to find Ser Lennart in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

How to Find Ser Lennart in Dragon’s Dogma 2

As part of a side quest, “Oxcart Courier,” you’re tasked with visiting Melve in the back of an oxcart and delivering a letter to Ser Lennart. But finding him in the smoldering village proves more challenging than not. You can check his home, which you’ll find here:

The thing is, no one’s home. The house is empty, and even the bed is just a bunch of wooden slats with no mattress. It’s as if Lennart completely disappeared. But he didn’t! You can find him just past the main entrance to the village, near the village circle, still smoking from the dragon attack.

You’ll find him waiting near the well. But there’s a catch. You can hand over the letter, and he’ll thank you profusely for the correspondence, but he’s having some issues in and around Melve that you can resolve for him. Specifically, he’s dealing with Saurian’s nearby nesting by the river, and you’ll need to throw bombs and poison into the nest to deal with the trouble.

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How to Complete Oxcart Courier

After you hand over the letter from Lady Margit to Ser Lennart, you must travel back to Vernworth. Thankfully, Melve, despite its current state, remains connected via oxcart. You can head back outside the gate, find the oxcart station by the side of the road, and travel back to the city for 100 Gold. Donovan—the merchant back in Vernworth—gave you enough gold to cover the trip there and back, so money shouldn’t be a concern.

Once you return, speak to the merchant by the city’s gate. He’ll thank you and reward you for your trouble!

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