Where to Find Ore in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 features a simple crafting and enhancement system that allows you to concoct potions and improve your equipment over time using resources found in the world. As you explore, especially deep underground in one of the many dank caves or abandoned mines, you’ll inevitably stumble upon rare resources. Here’s where to find ore in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

Where to Get Ore in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You can find a large selection of ore in Dragon’s Dogma 2 by visiting and fighting your way through one of many abandoned mines. As part of the main quest, you’re tasked with visiting one such mine to clear out its goblin problem. 

As you work through the twisting tunnels, moving deeper underground, you’ll spot shimmering rock outcroppings on the wall. Unlike in the previous game, where you needed a pickaxe to mine, you just walk up to these resource nodes and interact to automatically mine the ore in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You’ll perform a quick animation and receive the ore in your inventory. You’ll typically receive just one.

There are numerous ore nodes to find throughout the world, and most prove necessary for weapon and armor enhancements later on. They include:

  • Copper Ore
  • Silver Ore
  • Gold Ore

You might even spot a few rare ore nodes as you explore more of the world!

Why You Need Ore in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You require ore in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to improve your weapons and armor through enhancements, which increase the item’s stats and abilities. You can enhance your equipment by visiting a merchant, like those found in the trade center in Vernworth.

For armor, track down and speak with the armor merchant. For weapons, step over to the shop next door to speak with the weapon merchant. They both have an option in their dialogue menu to enhance equipment.

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