Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Get a Free House in Dragon’s Dogma 2

There are plenty of excellent reasons to enjoy an RPG, including buying player housing in your favorite city or town. It’s not always possible, though. But here’s how to get a house in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

Where to Get a Home in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To get a home in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must wander through the streets of Vernworth, seemingly randomly, until a character called Mildred stops you. She tells you that you look trustworthy despite not knowing you, and she wants you to live in her dwelling for a week.

She’ll ask you to meet her at her house if you agree. You can find it on the map below, in the residential sector of Vernworth.

will keep her away from the city for a week. For now, you can live in her home, use the bed to sleep away fatigue and restore your health, and use the stash.

Can You Customize Houses in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a mechanic to customize your home in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You can’t change up the interior or alter its exterior appearance. You receive a small cottage from the side quest, with a bed, table, and some knick-knacks to provide a sense of immersion.

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