How to Cross Water Without Dying in Dragon’s Dogma 2

I don’t understand the trend of disallowing swimming in video games. I guess it’s because the animation proves too tricky for some developers to grasp, but that’s unfortunate. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an open-ended game focused on exploration and world design, so being able to cross water without dying seems like it should have been paramount. But here’s how to do it anyway!

How to Cross Water in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You’ll find that jumping into a body of water more extensive than a creek will result in an untimely death in Dragon’s Dogma 2. But there’s a way to cross water without dying: playing as a mage.

As a mage, once you rank up your vocation a few times, you can acquire the skill necessary to levitate. It’s only a short distance, though. You won’t cross an ocean to Battahl, but you can get across a deep river or small lake.

On average, the skill provides about four seconds of airtime.

Alternatively, you can use Frigor. Once again, as a mage, it will allow you to cast shards of ice that form a climbable staircase. But it nestles into the surface of the water. If you try Frigor in deep water, it will sink below the surface and take you with it!

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