How to Craft Salubrious Draught in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You’ll find yourself suffering from a distinct lack of health following almost any battle in the game until you nail the blocking and parrying mechanics. You can’t easily dodge out of the way, so taking some damage in the throes of combat is commonplace. That’s why you can heal with a quick slot item. Here’s how to craft Salubrious Draught in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

How to Craft Healing Potions in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To craft healing potions in Dragon’s Dogma 2, access your inventory from the menu, select a crafting resource, and hit ‘Combine’ to combine two items. In this case, use something like Greenwarish and Apples to craft Salubrious Draught. A healing plant and fruit seem to be the best combination for the health potion!

A nourishing restorative, common throughout the land. Consume it to reover a fair amount of Health.

Salubrious Draught

You’ll find the necessary resources while wandering the world. We’ll discuss that more later, though. But in any case, it’s smart to keep a small stack of Salubrious Draught in your inventory at all times. They sell for 80 G apiece, which can add up and help you afford an armor or weapon upgrade, but it’s not worth it! Hang onto your healing potions!

You can use Salubrious Draught by opening the ‘Switch Weapon Skill’ menu with ‘LB’ and then pressing up on the D-Pad.

Where to Find Crafting Resources in Dragon’s Dogma 2

As you wander down paths, especially with a pawn in tow, keep an eye out along the side of the road for brightly-colored plants. You’ll note in the screenshot above that the Greenwarish, a common herb in Dragon’s Dogma 2, is a much lighter green than any of the foliage in the immediate area. It’s one of the key ingredients for Salubrious Draught.

By looking for bright colors and the occasional flash, you can spot crafting resources in Dragon’s Dogma 2 relatively easily. It won’t take long before you’re actively searching the underbrush,

However, if you have a pawn with you, they’ll often point out crafting resources. Sometimes, they’ll even run out of their way to pick them for you and then store everything in their own inventory for safekeeping.

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