How to Beat Trolls in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You’ll face plenty of challenging foes throughout Vermund. Some you’ll stomp beneath your armored boot, like goblins and wolves, while others offer more of a challenge, such as trolls and cyclops. But I have some wisdom if you want to beat trolls in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

How to Find and Defeat Trolls in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You can find trolls in Dragon’s Dogma 2 throughout the various wooded regions of the world. They typically hide in the deepest parts of the forest, near caves, especially, and will happily attack any passerby that wanders too close.

To beat trolls, you’ll have to remain vigilant and aggressive. I’ve found that playing passively, while your party takes much of the aggro, doesn’t always culminate in a win. As a Fighter, taking the fight to the troll wasn’t an issue, so I clambered atop its back and thrust my sword inward.

But the troll understands tactics. It knows that if there is a pest on its back slashing with a sword, leaping into the air, and sprawling out on its back to slam its foe into the ground, it makes for an effective defense. It will crush you beneath its weight.

Instead, use the climbing mechanic sparingly, such as when the troll is exhausted and slowing down. In the meantime, slash at its legs and hind quarters, then move away as it begins to rampage. Like a giant ape, trolls will start to flail and throw themselves about the battle space.

Unfortunately, it’s tough, though not impossible, to best a troll in Dragon’s Dogma 2 using ranged attacks. Trolls will always close the distance and aggressively remain in your face, making popping off an arrow or spell challenging.

With some luck and a competent party of Pawns, you should have no trouble besting a troll!

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