Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Beat the Dragon in Readvent of Calamity

The world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 proves rather challenging and oftentimes dangerous due to the sheer number of monsters roaming the wilds. But the goblins and wolves should pose no challenge to a mighty hero. The trolls, cyclops, minotaurs, and dragons offer a challenge. Here’s how to beat the dragon in Readvent of Calamity!

How to Beat the Melve Dragon in Readvent of Calamity

At some point in the story, you’ll return to Melve to check in on their progress following the first dragon attack. Unfortunately, upon arrival, you’ll find a second dragon rampaging through the town square. You, along with half the village, must beat the dragon in Readvent of Calamity, and it’s a tough fight.

First and foremost, focus efforts on the glowing red pustules found on the dragon’s head, neck, and front legs. These are its weak points. The ones on either front leg shouldn’t pose too much of an issue, as you can swipe at them with your sword if you’re a Fighter. The head, surprisingly, isn’t too much of a problem, either.

But the blemishes on the neck offer the most challenge. They’re tough to reach. As a Fighter, I recommend using Upward Slash to hit the higher weak points. Alternatively, you can climb up on the dragon and stab with a thrust attack, but you’ll fall if it flies into the air. It’s an almost instantaneous death, depending on how much health you have at this point in the fight. I would avoid climbing atop the dragon, honestly.

Instead, focus on taking down the bumps you can reach and allowing ranged attackers, like Archers or Mages, to land hits on the other weak points. At this point, your goal is to remain alive.

The dragon will whip out multiple attacks. It leaps into the air, slams the ground, whips its tail around, breathes fire, claws at everyone to the front, and at one point will hunch over and spew acidic bile all over the ground.

This is an area-of-effect attack and will significantly reduce your health. It’s fast-acting, so move away when you see the dragon hunch over. Everyone else will likely keep up their attack, but they’re basically immortal. You’re not, despite, you know, being eternal in the game’s lore.

This is a battle of attrition. You don’t actually need to defeat the dragon in Readvent of Calamity. After dealing enough damage, it will fly off into the sunset, and everyone will call you their savior again!

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Do You Recieve Any Rewards for Beating the Dragon in Melve?

You’ll receive plenty of experience for participating in the battle, toward both your level and vocation, but the biggest reward is sitting on the well in the center of the arena after the dragon flies away.

There, you’ll find two Wyrmslife Crystals. This item is a rare crafting resource, the crystallized blood of a dragon, meant to help with high-order enhancements. It’s a mid to late-game crafting item you’ll want to keep. Please do not sell them!

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